Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Why you need to mind your water even during the colder months

The rainy season is upon us once more. As temperatures drop, people also start to switch habits with the changing season. We trade our sleeveless tops for more comfortable pullovers and we acquire a taste for hot beverages to chase away the cold weather. Despite the shifting of the weather, however, one thing remains essential for all of us still—keeping hydrated.

“A lot of people think that we only need to keep properly hydrated during the hot summer months,” says Ms. Janeth Leus, Pocari Sweat’s brand manager. “They think they can go easy because they don’t sweat as much.”

This, unfortunately, is a big misconception. “Dehydration doesn’t choose a season. Even if we are not perspiring too much, we still lose water,” Ms. Leus adds.

In fact, the body fights dehydration 24 hours a day, even when we are sleeping. We lose body fluid from our skin and through our breaths so we are always fighting dehydration regardless of the weather or our physical activity.

People lose about 2.5 litres of body fluid on an average day while more active individuals lose much more. The onset of dehydration symptoms such as fatigue will occur once the body loses about 3% of its water. Headache and dizziness can start at a 4-5% fluid loss. Finally, it can be fatal once the body loses 10% of its body fluid.

“Proper rehydration is key. And when we say proper, we mean drinking the right fluids to replenish your lost water,” explains Ms. Leus.

In addition to water, the body fluid we lose also contains other electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and other ions. Quick and efficient hydration requires fluids that also contain these essential minerals.
Pocari Sweat, a refreshing and healthy drink, is one good example. Its composition contains the same electrolytes present in our body fluid so it rehydrates the body quickly and effectively. It is important to quickly replenish lost water to keep the balance between body fluid intake and loss.
Additionally, keeping hydrated also helps ward off common ailments like colds and flu during the rainy season. Drinking water helps hydrate the body and cleanses away germs and bacteria. When paired with a healthy diet and exercise, it can help the immune system combat virus and other illnesses.

Pocari Sweat’s composition is closest to that of body fluid so that it better flows through the body. By providing the right amount and combination of minerals needed by our system, individuals can perform better both physically and mentally.

Ms. Leus shares, “It doesn’t matter what season we are in. Proper hydration is a consistent requirement to keep us in good health. That is why we should always make sure to get our fill.”

With the recent discovery made that water exists in the moon, POCARI SWEAT is taking off for the lunar surface with POCARI SWEAT in powder form. We will wait expectantly—from over 380,000 kilometers away—for the day when people touch down on the lunar surface and drink POCARI SWEAT made with the moon's own water.

POCARI SWEAT is launching the Lunar Dream Project in Summer 2016. POCARI SWEAT will create the DREAM RING as a key to open the capsule that will fly to the moon with your dreams. When you touch down on the moon someday, use your DREAM RING to open the capsule to reencounter your dreams from today. We will be overjoyed if you celebrated this by drinking the included POCARI SWEAT powder by mixing it with the moon’s own water.

The goal of this project doesn’t end when the DREAM CAPSULE lands on the moon. Rather, it will signal the beginning of a new space age and inspire children to dream of space. As part of its Lunar Dream Project, POCARI SWEAT Philippines will invite 20 CLASS A Primary Schools (Elementary) from Metro Manila, Pampanga, Bulacan, Batangas and Laguna for the Moon/Solar System Exhibit Competition and School Caravan that will run from September 2015 – November 2015.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Premium HyC150 promotes health and wellness – even for men

While most men may not be conscious of their looks, they do strive for good health and wellness, especially as they get older. Aside from keeping a regular fitness routine and following a healthy diet, the use of supplements keeps their energy and stamina at an optimum as they go through the demands of the day.
The number of health supplements available in the market might make choosing the right one difficult. While most multivitamins offer all-in-one coverage, there are some that focus specifically on the specific demands of men.

Dr. Rodolfo Apostol, an expert on aesthetics science and skin medicine, says men should take advantage of Premium HyC150, which has been described as the modern-day “fountain of youth,” and is considered to be a woman’s secret weapon to looking young, staying physically fit, and feeling good about herself.

“Premium HyC150 is not solely for women and vanity,” says Dr. Apostol, who is the vice president for business affairs of the International Academy for Aesthetic Sciences and a specialist at the Manila Eye Surgical Center.

“Actually Premium HyC150 is a very good supplement for mature people 30 years old and above for it prevents and slows down the aging process, which ultimately makes one look young and healthy. It contains ingredients that are continuously depleted as we age, and there is no way for our body to replenish them but from external sources,” he says.

Premium HyC150 combines three youth-inducing ingredients in one supplement drink: collagen, hyaluronic acid and ubiquinol. Other active ingredients, like vitamin C, biotin, and pearl coix, complement these elements.

“The reason why it is called Premium HyC150 is because it contains 150 milligrams of hyaluronic acid, which is considered to be a natural moisturizer, especially for the skin. It is the reason why the skin looks full and supple, because it eliminates the formation of fine lines, giving younger looking skin,” he explains. “It also gives benefits to those patients who are suffering from arthritis for it replenishes the hyaluronic acid inside the joints, giving more flexibility in movement.”

On the other hand, collagen is major component of the body’s connective tissues, providing structural support where it is found, such as in the skin, muscle, ligaments, tendon, cartilage and bone.

“Premium HyC150 comes with 6,000 milligrams of collagen. Collagen is a very important component in our body, and its depletion from one's body manifest in the form of early aging. A desirable therapeutic effect of collagen is its blood thinning effect, thereby improving blood circulation that eventually leads to a better and healthier look. Patients who have undergone a coronary bypass, as well as post-stroke and hypertensive patients, would benefit much from this key component,” explains the health expert.

The other components of Premium HyC150 work in tandem to bring about good health and improved well-being to its users.

Ubiquinol is an enzyme co-factor that helps strengthen a patient’s skeletal system and cardiac muscles, which are weakened by excessive amounts of anti-lipedemic drugs to counter bad cholesterol. This substance also helps deliver more energy at the intracellular level of the muscle, so as not to weaken it.
Pearl coix has a very popular whitening and anti-cancer effect, especially in China, Korea and Japan. It is a breakfast staple for centuries, and is one of the main secrets for attaining beautiful complexion. Biotin is the only vitamin that maintains the integrity of hair and nails. Lastly, vitamin C contributes potent antioxidant effect, plus extra whitening property.

Based on clinical studies done in Japan, North America, and Europe, about 93 percent of Premium HyC150 users reported improved hair, nails, and skin with continued use. Although results can vary per individual, it only takes one to two weeks to see the positive changes.

Premium HyC150 is manufactured by Fine Japan Co. Ltd, one of the finest and multi-awarded companies in Japan. “It is the only company in the world that produces products in nano form that render their products readily absorbed by the body and showing its effect in a short period of time after its intake,” adds Dr. Apostol. “With all the components mentioned above, it’s just like forming a dream team of health and beauty secret regimen.”

For more information, visit www.HyC150.com; like its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HyC150; follow on Twitter #HyC150 or Instagram @HyC150, or call (02)5467297 or 09177750779. It is available at selected Watsons stores nationwide.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Building Muscle 101

Building bigger muscles is at heart any hormonal event. The body's hormones such as insulin, hgh, testosterone and cortisol tend to be giving the body indicators on whether to develop muscle, or break it down. Although exercise is necessary to develop a stimulus for certain bodily hormones to be activated, additionally it is just a small part of the equation. This is why you will see many people putting in hard work at the gym day after day, and not really getting any improvements. So throw away all of the books, stop spending $400/month on supplements, stop your magazine membership to Building Muscles Every week (or one of the additional 75+ fitness magazines on the market), and master the basics. This is where you get 90%+ of your respective results from.

Here are some reminders/tips on building muscles:

Make yourself stronger.
Healthy Diet. Stay away from junk food!
Exercise, Do at least 15-30 minutes of cardio 3x times a week.
Don't starve yourself
Self Motivation
Eat protein
Get your Sleep
Skip the Alcohol
Take Fish Oil
Improve your Gut Health
Detox Your Body