Thursday, May 31, 2012

Building Muscle 101

Building bigger muscles is at heart any hormonal event. The body's hormones such as insulin, hgh, testosterone and cortisol tend to be giving the body indicators on whether to develop muscle, or break it down. Although exercise is necessary to develop a stimulus for certain bodily hormones to be activated, additionally it is just a small part of the equation. This is why you will see many people putting in hard work at the gym day after day, and not really getting any improvements. So throw away all of the books, stop spending $400/month on supplements, stop your magazine membership to Building Muscles Every week (or one of the additional 75+ fitness magazines on the market), and master the basics. This is where you get 90%+ of your respective results from.

Here are some reminders/tips on building muscles:

Make yourself stronger.
Healthy Diet. Stay away from junk food!
Exercise, Do at least 15-30 minutes of cardio 3x times a week.
Don't starve yourself
Self Motivation
Eat protein
Get your Sleep
Skip the Alcohol
Take Fish Oil
Improve your Gut Health
Detox Your Body